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According to Boston Consulting Group, consumers are more passionate about the Internet than ever before. As a matter of fact, their studies show that online purchases in North America totaled $45 billion last year, up from $27 billion in 1999. For 2001, they are forecasting still another jump, to $65 billion.



If so, you're not alone. On average, organizations located in the United States with between 1 and 90 employees first expect to gain an Internet presence within the next six to eight months. Since 1999, the number of small businesses with websites has almost doubled (1). Like you, these businesses recognize that in today's high-tech world, your potential customer base has increased by millions of Internet-savvy consumers. But to compete - to deliver the products and services these surfers are expecting, you need to join the online community. And ISC is ready to help you enter the competition.

Although the majority of "new-to-the-Net" businesses seek the assistance of Web professionals, some settle for a cookie-cutter approach. Because ISC recognizes every business has objectives, products and site requirements that are unique, your site is customized to achieve your specific goals. ISC first learns your unique strengths, then proposes a site with components that will help differentiate you from your competitors.

Whether you're searching for someone to guide you through each step of the process, or you simply want a company to execute your Internet action plan, ISC is your answer. From website strategy and design, to hosting and maintenance, we'll help you develop an Internet presence that best markets your unique product or service. If you're looking for professionals to design or host your site on reliable Linux servers, ISC offers competitive rates and an unbeatable commitment to service.

Not sure where to begin? Give us a call. If a lack of accounting knowledge doesn't prevent you from filing your taxes, why should a lack of Internet commerce knowledge hinder your ability to utilize the competitive strength of the world wide web?


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1 - Information gathered from a study conducted by International Communications Research.

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